Art Project

  1. Portrait of the artist’s father [5]
Albrecht Dürer
  1. When was this painted? [1]

The painting was painted in 1490.

  1. In the viewing notes it says that this portrait was part of a diptych with the portrait of his mother. What do you think a diptych is? [2]
I think a diptych is a hinged tablets were a painting is painted on.
  1. Where was Albrecht Dürer born? [2]
Albrecht Dürer was born in Nuremberg.
  1. Sacrifice of Isaac [4]
  1. Where does the subject of this painting come from? [1]
The subject of the painting comes from Casa Barberini in Rome.
  1. What is unique about this painting? [1]
This painting is not a portrait.
  1. What kind of paint is used in this picture and on what is it painted? [2]
Oil paint was used in this picture and it was painted on canvas.

  1. Annunciation [9]
Leonardo da Vinci
  1. Apart from being a painter, what else did da Vinci work as? [4]
Leonardo da Vinci was also a sculptor, architect, musician, scientist and a mathematician.
  1. If you zoom into the painting what do you see between the 2 trees and below the mountain in the background? [2]
I see a town or some sort of castle.
  1. When was da Vinci born, and when did he die? [2]
Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 and died on May 2, 1519.
  1. What kind of flowers is the Archangel Gabriel holding? [1]
Madonna Lilly

  1. La Primavera [7]
Sandro Botticelli
  1. What does Primavera mean? [1]
Primavera means spring
  1. Who is the figure on the far left? [1]
  1. Who is below the blind-folded Cupid? [1]
  1. Name 2 other artworks by this artist. [2]
The Birth of Venus and Madonna with Saints
  1. When was it painted? [2]
It was started in 1481 and it was finished in 1482.

Art Report

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte

by Georges Seurat


This is George Seurats most famous painting
The picture is depicted and it is a picture of people siting in a park
I love this picture it is something that I would do with my family - Sit in a park and chill and people watch
This picture is so famous it was even in a movie