The trees hug while the sun flows through the forest like a coin dropped in water. Gold and brown leaves on the ground looks like a brown blanket on a bed. The leaves start to float as the trees sway. The sun rays quiver through the quiet forest. The road that goes through the forest looks like it will never end. Branches hang like spider webs from the roof. Golden brown leaves are on the ground therefore green grass does not exist. Dark black shadows are no match for the brightness in the forest.


T oad with Winnie

U nlimited life for the tucks

C at not getting any water

K icking the side of the horse to make it go faster

E mortal

V ery fat horse

E nd of your life when you drink the water because you don't age

R oad to Treegap

L iving for ever

A t last the water!

S tare at the boy drinking water

T rot, trot, trot went the horse's hooves

I n the forest was the spring

N atalie Babbitt

G oing to kidnap Winnie